CONSTELLATION (Heavenly Bodies) - El-P feat. Stephanie Vézina

Collecting The Kid (European release) - DeLabel/EMI
Last up, we come to EL-P’s Collecting The Kid (Delabel). This is 80s new wave in a bikini, it’s Travis Bickle’s imagined New York in Taxi Driver, but mainly it’s EL-P bitch-slapping RJD2 and DJ Shadow in one masterful swing. “Jukie Skate Rock” is a hot-to-trot, B-boy anthem-cum-Def Jux shout out, “Constellation” (feat. Stephanie Vezina) is a synth-eating space romance. This is the quintessential New York album and should be played at full blast on Rawkus Records’ burial site.

Bird Up: The Charlie Parker Remix Project
The album's final cut, "Constellation (Heavenly Bodies)", was remixed by El-P. Like the 10" Sunrise over Brooklyn (released earlier this year on Thirsty Ear), this cut shows that El-P knows how deal with a number of disparate elements at the same time. He weaves swirls of spacey textures around snippets of the instrumental tracks and drops a sultry vocal by Stephanie Vezina on top of it all.

Collecting the Kid - Def Jux
"...Finally, "Constellation Remix" pits misty jazz vocalist Stephanie Vezina against an ascetic pulsing drum machine and worn-sounding arcane synths.
Although that might not sound enticing, the result is superb and is at once both alien and logical to El-P's established style."


NIGHT VISIONS Sultan feat.Stephanie Vézina - The Isabella EP - SHINICHI

You will get used to carrying this single for a long time as will I. “Night Visions” is a lush moody ballad with strong undertones. Such high levels of emotion in the sounds of this track are brought to a climax with the introduction of the sung song. Grabbing a past vocal partner, Sultan once again uses the talented Stephanie Vezina. She sings a sound that brings a fresh breath to the electronic music scene. This track has the smoothness of Circulation, the ambience of Chicane and the originality of Way Out West. Towards the end, Sultan drops everything down to light tribal beats to draw “Night Visions” to a close.

The Isabella EP 
With producers like Sultan, it´s no wonder Deep Dish chose Canada to be the base for their Global Underground: Toronto CD. Hailing from Montreal, Sultan´s signature silky smooth house vibes are making waves, melding breakbeat with deep lush tech-house and stunning vocals to devastating effect. Night Visions, which features the vocals of Stephanie Vezina, was the closing track in Luke Fairs mix on In House We Trust 3 and was also included on Deep Dishes Toronto GU mix. Support from Jerry Bonham, Bill Hamel, G-Pal, Louis Osbourne, Fred Numf, Chris Fortier and more

Exclusive Interview - Spinning Out With Deep Dish, July 7, 2003
Kim Taylor: "The tracks I love the most on the record seem to have the same name attached to them … it's Sultan. Should we know who this is?"
Sharam: "He's a new producer out of Montreal (Canada). He's been around for a few years coming through the ranks ... him and his partner Tonedepth – he goes by the name of The Greek on our album. So these two guys along with their singer, Stephanie Vezina, have created this magical sound out of Montreal.
Kim Taylor: "Her voice is incredible. I wake up in the morning sometimes with track two (“Nightvisions”) looping through my head."
Sharam: "There's another track of hers on my Afterclub Mix mix that you'll hear when those come out July 22."


SHIVERS - Sultan feat. Stephanie Vézina - SHINICHI 

(Shinichi) Yoshitoshi's sister label has a definite sleeper hit on it's hands...
URB Magazine
Shinichi seems to be becoming Sultan's home of late as he drops his highly anticipated 'Shivers' featuring the awesome vocals of Stephanie Vezina. This track has been a staple in Deep Dish's djing diet recently and will also appear in the upcoming Yoshitoshi Ibiza compilation. Shinichi have delivered a great array of mixes from Tommyboy, Mannel and Clark Chemistry.
The Original is a deep slab of pure house goodness. Starting of with smooth beats, low basslines and lush sounds, Stephanie's vocal is sampled and floats in and out of focus before starting off with the first few versus' of the lyrics. Low and soft stabbing synths play gorgeously over the beat while the vocal constantly echoes or moans giving a nice depth to the sound. The laid back feeling of this track is emphassised in the breakdown and to add to this feeling, a guitar sample is added perfectly. This is a serious tune and so well done, it oozes class...
Reviewing this collection of mixes has been an absolute pleasure. The sounds are amazing, production is so smooth, Stephanie Vezina's vocal is very pleasing to the ear... Quite possibly the best production by Sultan (and a great collection by Shinichi).
Rating: 10 / 10. - David B.


ALIVE - The Greek featuring Stephanie Vézina - SHINICHI

The Greek, aka Tone Depth, is back on track with 'Alive' featuring the gorgeous vocals of Stephanie Vezina. The original was featured on Sharam's Global Underground Afterclub mix and has never looked back.

Hailing from Montreal, The Greek has really been turning heads lately on the worldwide club circuit alongside Sultan.  This venture however, The Greek is solo on the production side of things.  No big stray as their regular vocalist Stephanie Vezina keeps things going and blissful.  Alive was already featured on Sharam's (DeepDish) Afterclub Mix for GU25 and has had me mesmorized since then.  Finally this month sees the full release of Alive alongside two G-Pal mixes as part of a double pack.  With four mixes to chose from the original still does it all for me.  Driving bass, heavy kick, reverberating stabs and a perfect Spanish guitar riff layered with Stephanie's soothing vocals makes for a perfect late night track.  Deep yet tough, does something that allows you to listen to it over and over and still yearn for more.  Definitely a big one for Shinichi this year!  


WADI - Sultan and the Greek featuring Stephanie Vézina - SHINICHI

Wadi is another minimal, emotional piece which features beautiful vocals, atmospheric sounds and simple baselines. The melody rotates as it drifts in softly or is looped and reverbed but the main feature here is the vocal as the lyrics push the track along. Quite an impressive release with deep house on the menu.


BROKEN - Tone Depth & Soul Tan Feat Stephanie Vézina  

The duo of Tone Depth and Soul Tan (better known to most as Sultan) emerged several months ago and quickly made their mark on the music scene with their deep and hypnotic grooves, emotional melodies and instruments and late night vibes. Their productions and remixes are widely respected, and their work alongside Stephanie Vezina has produced several high caliber singles. 'Broken' is their latest work with this talented singer, and has quickly become Swift Records most anticipated release, and the wait has been worth it as Jiva's interpretation on the flip is nothing short of mind blowing... It's hidden secret is the softly spoken vocals of Stephanie Vezina that emerge, filling the void that remains as the drums intensify. The dark intensity is counteracted by warm guitar refrains and soon euphoric waves ripple through the groove, where they lead into a cascading array of sounds. Sounds that expand and fade away, and at there end there will only be you, separated in your own mind, as this track will stir thoughts and emotions that run deeper than can imagine, into even the most broken of souls. Stephanie Vezina's vocals are used to great effect, leading as the core element of the mix rather than being an addition to it. The beats are solid and consistent, and her vocals float in an evocative and sultry fashion right through them. Everything from the subtle sub bass changes, the floating melodies and atmospherics, to the unforgettable guitar and vocal solos will enchant you, and this is without a doubt not only one of the best progressive breaks I have yet to hear, but it's a track that will make a dent in even the coldest of souls, it's tear jerking emotion oozing out from every crevice, and you will find yourself returning to be amazed again and yet again buy it's sheer splendour and beauty... 'Broken' is a track you will not forget in a hurry, and one that you will dig out and listen to weeks, months and perhaps even years from now.


HOW LONG - Soul Tan (Sultan) feat Stephanie Vézina - SCREEN Records 

Sultan makes his debut on Screen Recordings with his latest single. This Canadian producer has been going strength to strength with his quality deep chugging music and this is no exception. 'How Long' features the beautiful voice of Stephanie Vezina, who has worked with Soul Tan on numerous solo and collaborative projects over the last two years or so. A deep and moody track featuring crisp drums, smooth bass, and a very hypnotic groove 'How Long' has all the hallmarks of another excellent single from one of Canada's finest producers... and has already seen some heavyweight support
The 'Original Mix' is a smooth progressive workout filled with crisp drums, low bass, and Stephanie's sweet and somber vocals. A techy crisp drum kit builds with high hats, claps and other percussive elements, while spacey vocal effects start in. Stephanie's voice creeps in softly dropping the tune into a break where a low bass groove starts. More percussion follows, and soon a falling bell sound falls into place, with the vocal taking the song deep, falling into another break where new piano sounds and more galloping percussion are introduced to great effect.
'Steve Porter' turns out a fantastic mix with a huge change up in the middle taking on two different journeys through 'How Long'. An ambient intro with low bass starts in with the piano bits and Stephanie's voice smoothing over the top. A downtempo beat slowly works in, building into break beats and then popping off into a great housey groove. This is a great release for Screen Recordings and Sultan. It's been doing the business for many DJs around the world, and needs to be heard in a big room to understand its impact. Play it loud and you'll see what I mean.



Tone Depth comes to the table with his strongest solo release to date on the up and coming, ReadyMix Records. Although the rhythm of “What You Do” is deep and dark, it melds perfectly with the sublime voice of Stephanie Vezina... Anyone who was impressed with the Sultan and Tone Depth ft. Stephanie Vezina 'SAGRES', released on Alola several months ago, should rush out and find this one as fast as they can. Keep an eye out for this Canadian with serious skillz. - Brett Abramson


AURAL SIGNATURE Damien Heck w Stephanie Vézina - BAROQUE records

More madness comes from Canada's hottest producer of the year: Damien Heck, who this month teams up with long time Sultan collaborater Stephanie Vezina with phenomenal results. 
Spin Division Australia

Damien heck is one of the latest names to emerge from canada... here he signs his latest offering, a collaboration with canadian singer & rising star stephanie vezina, to baroque limited 'aural signature' is energetic rolling journey of musical madness, starting with flowing rhythms and punchy beats leading their way through layered arp synths & sweeping chords. Damien's trademark guitar skills reach their peak in this track as the tune drops to a sol guitar line that tears the floor apart.. Stephanie vezina carries the tune with her powerful vocal... As you can see from the dj support, this one is crossing all borders... tune!

Heck & Vezina deliver a monster that’s got the potential to become one the summer’s Balearic biggie.


MY DREAM - JIVA ft Stephanie Vézina